About Us

Hi There!

This is us, Michelle & Daniel, we are the creators behind Consciously Baby.

Consciously Baby is a modern-boho baby & toddler footwear brand based in Miami, FL. We design timeless, yet modern shoe styles in neutral/earthy tones that gives them a soft boho feel right out of the box.

At Consciously Baby it is our mission to promote a more conscious lifestyle for our children at the earliest stage possible. We believe in a sustainable future and we are constantly working towards becoming a more eco-friendly and sustainable brand:

☼ We are passionate about slow fashion. We aim to create versatile, timeless and durable shoes vs. trend-based, poor quality items which will need to be replaced just after a few uses.

Unlike most fashion brands, we only make what we think we can sell. We produce in small batches, producing as close to demand as possible to prevent overproduction.

☼ Our leather is ethically sourced from farmers who raise their animals with care and respect.

☼ Our shoes are all hand-made in partnership with artisans, who work in dedicated factories that are audited yearly ensuring safe and fair working conditions.

☼ We are contributing to minimize plastic usage on Earth by using recycled carton boxes to package our shoes.

We are so honored to be providing you with quality, unique shoes for your littles- while practicing love and compassion for our earth and people! ♡

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